GDYNIA, Poland (Reuters) - Trans Polonia Group faces a problem confronting many ambitious mid-sized Polish companies: it is starting to outgrow its home market.

The group’s trucks already supply a quarter of the fuel delivered by road to filling stations across Poland, and Trans Polonia (TPG) has decided that to keep expanding it must look West. That means not simply serving foreign clients from a Polish base, but buying a presence abroad.

Western companies, especially those in neighbouring Germany, have been investing in Poland since soon after the fall of communism. Now rapidly increasing amounts of investment capital are flowing in the opposite direction as firms like TPG try to get closer to customers in the biggest European economies.

“If you want to expand then you need to buy a company or companies which are located in the West,” TPG chief executive Dariusz Cegielski told Reuters. Based near the Baltic port of Gdansk, his group is considering potential targets in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands with annual turnovers of more than 50 million euros (43.5 million pounds).


Author: Alan Charlish, Pawel Goraj

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